Ford Brand Trending Among Millenials

Technology has forever changed the way people receive and digest information, and has particularly affected how younger generations are shopping for just about everything, from clothes to video game consoles to cars. Ford has conducted extensive surveys of young adults regarding how they make decisions about the cars they buy, and what they’ve found represents a fundamental shift in consumer habits.

The common theme among young car buyers is the departure from their parents’ preferences toward foreign-made vehicles. A majority of Millenials feel that they can trust the quality of American-made products more than that of products made overseas; 45 percent said that they believed American vehicles are the best, 33 percent went with European brands, and 22 percent preferred Asian brands. Nearly half of those surveyed ranked Ford in the top three brands for quality.

A significant percentage of respondents said that online reviews were their number one source of information when choosing what car to buy, using expert reviews and owner testimonials to help guide their decision. The top factors they consider are cost, gas mileage, how well a car handles and its safety features. Technology and connectivity are also obviously major considerations. Ford prides itself on offering vehicles that exceed customer needs and expectations.

Ford boasts two of the top ten best-selling vehicles in the country for May 2015: the Ford Fusion sedan and Ford F-150 pickup. With Millenials fast becoming one of the most powerful consumer groups in the country, it is no wonder that you see so many Fords driving around Dallas and Fort Worth, given that DFW is one of the youngest metropolitan areas in the United States. To find out why so many young adults are choosing Ford, visit Randall Reed’s Prestige Ford in Garland and browse our wide selection of new and pre-owned Ford vehicles.

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