La Grande 107.5 Stops By Prestige Ford

IMG_7412Look who stopped by Prestige Ford to pick up an awesome RAD-Rides custom truck. Horacio from La Grande 107.5 will be cruisin’ around town in the souped up Super Duty.

What would you do to customize your car, truck or SUV? This kickin’ F-250 features custom wheels, tires, a lift kit, special decal lighting and more! And of course, Horacio wanted his tricked out truck to be in red. We think it looks sweet.

This Sunday, Horacio will be out at La Grande’s Fiestas IMG_7416Patrias at Panther Island Pavilion in Fort Worth. And this week, watch Horacio’s social post. We heard he just might be doing surprise ticket drops.

Stay tuned to Prestige Ford’s social media pages and blog for up to date info on happenings around Dallas, including updates from our friend Horacio at La Grande 107.5. For your own RAD vehicle like the one Horacio is riding around in, visit RAD Rides or Prestige Ford in Garland!

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