10 Driver-Friendly Features on the 2015 F-150

The Ford Motors team has been hard at working crafting the all-new 2015 F-150. Ford 1408649270963recently released an article discussing the top 10 features they thought of so customers wouldn’t have to, so we thought we would feature some of our favorites from their list!

These features were specifically engineered by the Ford design team to make interacting with your vehicle that m1408649229038uch easier. These features were implemented to satisfy customers without them ever even noticing. “If I do my job, the customer simply intuits that things are right – both inside and outside of his truck – without even having to think about it,” said Cary Diehl, Ford human factors engineer, who worked on the design and development of the all-new F-150.

Here’s a look at a few of our favorites:

  • Hard buttons on external keypad: While capacitive touch keyboards are extremely popular right now, Ford designers were in-tune with the wants and needs of pickup drivers. They have implemented a tactile feedback keypad for easier, more simplistic access. Not to mention, it still looks rather sleek.
  • MyView productivity screen customization: Ford knows that everyone who drives their vehicles is not the same. As such, the team has created a revamped heads-up display that allows truck customers to sort and organize their top 7 favorite gauges in a cluster on the F-150’s 8-inch productivity screen.
  • Entertainment information exclusivity: As part of Ford’s dedication to safety, entertainment information has now been reserved exclusively to the center console stack. “Our customers were adamant that trucks are different from cars, and vehicle information is essential,” Diehl explained. “Their truck is their tool, and they need to know what it’s doing. Other stuff can be in the center of the dashboard, or what we call the center stack.” The only entertainment information that appears in the instrument cluster of the F-150 are incoming calls and turn-by-turn directions.

With features like these its quite easy to see that the 2015 F-150 is in a class of its own. Stay up to date on the latest from Ford and the F-150 by visiting www.PrestigeFord.com, or stopping by the dealership off Shiloh Rd. See you soon!

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