Prestige Customer Wins $1,000 Prize!

Justin Wright, GM/OP, awards Mr. Larry Peoples his $1,000 prize check.

Justin Wright, GM/OP, awards Mr. Larry Peoples his $1,000 prize check.

Congratulations to Larry Peoples of Garland for being one of our big Randall Reed’s Prestige Ford winners! Today, Justin Wright, the General Manager/Operating Partner, presented Mr. Peoples with a check for $1,000!  Mr. People’s received a contest mailer this week and decided to come in and pay the Prestige Ford team a visit. “I wasn’t going to come in at first,” Mr. Peoples said. “You know, many people just throw their mail away. I’m glad I didn’t.”

Mr. Peoples brought the mailer in yesterday, found out he was a winner and walked away with a check for one grand today! “We are so happy for Mr. Peoples. We appreciate people coming in and visiting us, and it just thrills us to have big winners.”  Mr. Wright added, “Just goes to show, someone has to win; why not you?”  Mr. Peoples wholeheartedly agrees. “I believe that now,” he said with a laugh. As for Mr. Peoples winnings, he says he is going to use it to help pay a few bills. Take a look as Mr. Peoples receives his prize!

It serves as a lesson for everyone. When you see a mail sent from Prestige Ford, make sure you take a look. Like Mr. Peoples or one of our other big winners from the past, you don’t want to miss out on your chance at winning a big prize or cashing in on the huge savings we have going on during a big sale!

To learn more about Prestige Ford in Garland, visit Come in and visit us at 3601 S. Shiloh Road in Garland (off 635 and Garland Road).

Congrats, Mr. Peoples! Everyone else, keep brining those mailers in to see if you will win, too!

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