Prestige Ford Drop-Off Point for Children’s Back-to-School Food Program Aug. 15-17th

Randall Reed’s Prestige Ford is helping get local Dallas kids get ready to head by to school in conjunction New Beginnings Center and the Backpack Program that supplies children in need with nutritional meals. Many children rely upon lunch programs at their local school for a substantial portion of their daily nutrition.

Dallas Ford Prestige Garland Helps Kids

Help Those in Need and Donate

During the weekends, there are children in our Dallas community that go hungry due to lack of food resources. At Prestige Ford, we are chipping in to help and encourage you all to help feed these children by donating non-perishable food items. The items will be distributed to children weekly in backpacks. The backpacks provide a discreet way of transporting the food home. The food is kid friendly. It can either be easily prepared by a child or eaten right from the package.

Help make a difference. Stop by and drop off much-needed food supplies at Prestige Ford located at 3601 S. Shiloh Road in Garland (serving Dallas, Rockwall, Rowlett, Mesquite and Richardson areas) on August 15th, 16th and 17th. As a thank you, you will receive a free oil change voucher for your Backpack Program Donation.

What’s in a Typical Backpack?

1 fruit cup
Instant oatmeal
1 pudding cup
1 can of beef ravioli
1 can of chili with beans
1 cereal bar
1 granola bar
1 package of macaroni & cheese
1 package of Ramen Noodle Soup
Package of cookies
Package of crackers

Things to consider when buying for the backpacks: The program tries to offer 2 Breakfast Options,  2 Lunch Options, 2 Snack Options, 1 Fruit Option (usually a can), 1 Vegetable Option (usually a can). They also try to keep the backpacks light weight, usually about 4 lbs. The charity also ask that no food in glass containers or foods require special utensils be donated.

Children will be picking up the food. No food bags will be distributed to adults. The program provides one bag per child per week.

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