Prestige Cares: About Community & Feathered Friends, too

Randall Reed's Prestige Ford staff in Garland helps customers, community and our local feathered friends.

Randall Reed’s Prestige Ford staff in Garland helps customers, community and our local feathered friends.

At Randall Reed’s Prestige Ford in Garland, we are not only committed to customers and our community, we believe in always doing the right thing, even for our feathered friends. 🙂  To celebrate Friday, we wanted to share a feel-good story and celebrate our team for being kind and compassionate.

This week, members of our staff worked together to save a sweet bird that had gotten trapped at Prestige Ford in Garland (serving Rockwall, Mesquite, Richardson and Dallas area). Somehow, the little guy had let himself into the building.  “While trying a few unsuccessful techniques to lure it from above to outside, we prayed it would find its way to safety,” said Katie Koberg, VP of Community Relations. “Overnight it managed to slip between the wall of my office and Terrance Harkey’s (Internet Sales Manager) office.”

The team was at a loss as to what to do, but Justin Wright, the General Manager approved operation “big bird rescue.”   The team went into action! Members of the Internet Sales Team, Terrance and Randy Behrendt (Internet Sales Manger) cut into the drywall, our eCommerce Director, Suzanne Baker manned being on the outlook from above the ceiling tiles and Katie was on the clean up crew.

“We made one hole on the wall, with no success.  So, we tried one more time, and while we thought it was a lost cause, pulling the insulation aside, we finally we found it!” They used technology — their handy iPhones — to confirm the bird was in fact there and safe. Randy then reached into the wall and pulled the bird to safety.

After dusting it off a bit, the team all walked outside and watched the bird fly off into the sky. Katie summed it up, “It was a happy moment for all!”

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