Huge End-Of-Month Ford Fuel-Fighter Savings!

As April comes to a close, Randall Reed’s Prestige Ford is celebrating Ford’s EcoBoost Challenge by challenging you to come in and test drive one of our great fuel-efficeint new Fords. From the C-MAX Hybrid that gets 47 MPG both city and highway to the Ford Fusion Hybrid to the Ford Fiesta (both get about 40 MPG Hwy.) to the Ford F-150 with EcoBoost. We show you how you can save more both when you buy your new car and at the pump. Just look at these great deals and Ford Fuel-Fighter Savings!

Don’t delay! Take the short drive down 635 to 3601 S. Shiloh Road off Garland Road. Visit our Facebook to enter for a chance to win a Ford with EcoBoost! And Watch a new episode of MPGenius: A game show that ask if you know your fuel-fighter facts!

April End of Month Prestige Ford Sale

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