What’s That Smell?

Does your car, truck or SUV have a strong smell that permeates every inch of your vehicle when you turn on your air conditioning?  If the answer is yes, don’t worry you’re not alone.

The cause of this smell is typically a fungus, bacteria and other microbes that have built up and are growing inside the evaporator core. The mold spores, if not taken care of, can cause issues to the occupants of the car. They can cause allergies, sinus infections and even asthma complications. The mold can be especially harmful to small children and anyone with a compromised immune system.

If you are experiencing the smell here are a few tips to help get rid of the mold:

1. Clean your Evaporator: If there is a smell coming from your air conditioning try replacing and/or removing the evaporator for thorough cleaning.

2. Clean the A/C: To clean the A/C you will need to use a special chemical cleaning system. It is recommended to seek professional help when using these chemicals.

3. Dry out the A/C: Prevent mold and bacteria from growing in the first place. Try to turn off your car’s air conditioner five minutes before you stop driving. Then turn on your interior fan to full speed. This will help to dry out your vehicle’s A/C system. Just leaving the fan on for five minutes before turning off your car will make a world of difference.

Remember, a smelly car air conditioning should not and can be very hard on the nose to ignore! Where there is odor there is likely mold. If you need help from a professional, come visit the professionals at Prestige Ford in Garland, Texas (serving the greater Dallas, Mesquite and Rockwall areas).

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