Holiday Shopping Simplified

The holidays can be a hectic time of year. People spend more time driving around, shopping, cooking and traveling; all that extra effort can lead to some major headaches. The last thing anyone wants to think about is vehicle maintenance. With the increased driving and winter weather, it’s important to make keep up with scheduled maintenance to ensure safe holiday driving.  Randall Reed’s Prestige Ford has it covered.

Prestige Ford is one of the leading Ford dealers in the Dallas area, they know that no one likes to waste time while getting an oil change, alignment, inspection or any other service.  This is why they offer free Wi-Fi to all customers. In order to save time and stay on schedule, you can bring your vehicle in and take care of things online, such as work e-mails or holiday shopping, while you wait.

Maybe the only free time you have is your lunch break?  Prestige Ford has you covered on that, as well. There is a full-service cafe that offers an assortment of food, drinks and gourmet coffees. A free beverage is available to Prestige customers at the Java Café.

While most oil changes take about than 30 minutes, our dealership amenities allow you to come in and make the most of your visit. Even if you don’t bring your laptop or need a snack, you can always enjoy videos on our big screen TVs, check out some the latest accessories or some of Prestige’s new Fords!

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