He Drives, She Drives: Expert Auto Information from Randall & Sherry Reed

He Drives, She Drives

Expert Auto Information from Randall & Sherry Reed

Dear Randall,

I really need a new truck, but I want to make sure I get the best deal. Plus, I fear that I may be upside down on my truck that is about 4 years old. How can I make sure I am getting a fair deal?

Want a New Truck for Christmas

Garland, TX

Want a New Truck for Christmas,

First, let’s address your trade-in concerns. You have two choices. You can sell the vehicle and try to get what you owe or trade it in. If you would prefer the ease of trading in your vehicle, there is good news. Your truck, if it’s in good shape, is exactly what dealers want for their pre-owned inventory. Many are looking for vehicles that are two to five years old with 60,000 miles or less.

So, chances are you could actually have some equity in your car. If for some odd reason that isn’t the case, there are typically rebate programs that can help to offset anything you may still owe. The real question is, why drive a vehicle that you are making payments on and paying repair cost on, when you can probably get into a new truck with no repair cost for about the same payment each month?

As for getting the right vehicle at the right price, it’s important that you do a little homework. Learn about local pricing, what financing is available, equipment options and warranty choices. Plus, look at leasing as an alternative. Knowledge is truly power, and having that information will make you feel much more comfortable.

As for where to get started, there are a number of resources. You can visit our Web site (www.PrestigeGarland.com) to look up information or request an appraisal. There’s also Kelly Blue Book (www.kbb.com) for their top-10 list on what to consider when buying new or used. There are several auto-buying articles on how-to sites like www.eHow.com and www.wikihow.com. You can also peruse the Internet via your favorite search engine. In addition, you’re local library and bookstores have a number of publications on the topic.

Last but not least, find a dealership where you do feel like you can talk to and trust your salesperson. It’s paramount when making such a significant investment.

Dear Sherry,

I am planning a road trip to see family to ring in the New Year. My car is only a couple years old, but I want to make sure that it is good condition before I hit the highway. Are there any key things you’d recommend that I do?

Driving in the New Year

Dallas, TX

Driving in the New Year,

You are right to be cautious. Taking a time to have your vehicle checked out and maintained can not only save you travel woes down the road, it could actually be a life-saving decision. I would suggest you take your vehicle to your service provider and ask for a suggested list of maintenance items. For example, at Prestige, we can print a list of suggested maintenance schedules and we provide multi-point inspections.

Few Basics to have checked and/or serviced:
§         Battery
§         Tires and Spare (make sure you have a jack and lug wrench)
§         Oil and Filters
§         Belts and Hoses
§         Coolant System
§         Brake System
§         Windshield Cleaner Fluid
§         Lights/Turn Signals
Items to consider having on hand:
§         License
§         Current Registration
§         Proof of Insurance
§         Extra keys
§         GPS and/or Road Maps
§         Emergency Roadside Assistance Kit and/or Tool Kit
§         Tire Inflator or Emergency Cans for Fixing Flats
§         Jumper Cables
§         Flash Light
§         Duct Tape
§         Engine Oil
§         First-Aid Kit
§         Extra Food and Water
§         Blankets
§         Cell Phone
Happy holidays and travels from all of here at Randall Reed’s Ford Lincoln Mercury!

Randall and Sherry Reed have been in the automotive business for nearly 30 combined years. As the owners of new, used and leasing dealerships, including Randall Reed’s Prestige Ford Lincoln Mercury in Garland, they know the business of auto sales and service inside out. Each week, they offer their expert insight to help you track down the right vehicle or service for you. E-mail your questions to askthereeds@prestigegarland.com.

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