Prestige Ford Takes the Field for Our Troops

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Screen Shot 2015-07-03 at 9.42.45 AMEveryone at Randall Reed’s Prestige Ford in Garland (serving Dallas, Rockwall, Mesquite, Plano, Richardson) believe it’s key to support our community. This week our had an amazing time at AT&T Stadium in in Arlington at a charity football tournament.

The event was in support of our troops. The once-in-a-lifetime charity flag football tournament was played on the actual field that our very own Dallas Cowboys use.

Unfortunately, Prestige Ford did not win the tournament but we had a great time and helped our amazing troops along the way.  That is the real win for us.

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2015 Ford F-150 Faces Top Athletes

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There is no doubt that Texas is pickup country. Residents of Dallas-Fort Worth seem to especially like their trucks, given how many we see on the road every day. There is even less doubt that the Ford F-150 is the benchmark by which other trucks are measured; it is, after all, the best-selling truck in 39 states over the last year. Not only that, but it has been the best-selling pickup in the U.S. for nearly four decades! Arguing those numbers is tough, but not as tough as the radically redesigned 2015 Ford F-150.

The biggest changes to the new Ford F-150 are not immediately obvious, however. The body and frame are made using next-generation materials and processes, which result in an F-150 pickup that is stronger and lighter than any that have come before it. Ford has built the body of the new F-150 out of high-strength, military-grade aluminum alloy, replacing the steel of previous years. This is the biggest contributor to the drastically reduced curb weight of the new F-150, which is lighter than the 2014 model by about 700 pounds. Many Dallas truck owners are probably asking themselves, “How can aluminum be stronger than steel?” Well, take a look at this video released by Ford’s truck division and you’ll see how much of a difference the new aluminum body makes.

In the video, a number of professional athletes launch their respective projectiles at the steel bed of a 2014 F-150, followed by the aluminum bed of the 2015 F-150. What follows is pretty surprising. For more information on the new 2015 Ford F-150, or to take one for a test drive, visit Randall Reed’s Prestige Ford in Garland, TX today!

Ford F-150 Impact Test

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Prestige Ford Team & Ford Donate to Red Cross

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Red cross thanks prestige fordRandall Reed’s Prestige Ford in Garland, Texas is proud to support our community and lend a helping hand to those in need  In May 2015, our Dallas/Fort Worth area Ford dealership held a fund raiser for the Red Cross.  Prestige Ford took it one step further and applied to Ford to match our funds to make the charitable dollars go even further for our community.
We are please to share that the grant was approved by the Ford Motor Co. All of the funds collected were from from employees who wanted to help those in need after recent natural disasters. With the funds from Ford, the Prestige Ford team was able to donate $640 to the relief efforts with the floods, tornados, and general bad weather assistance needed. Screen Shot 2015-06-23 at 7.47.21 AM
“Everyday, we seek at both large and small ways to help our local community,” said Justin Wright, GM/OP of Randall Reed’s Prestige Ford. “This goes to show, when we all contribute and work together, we can help a lot.”
To learn more about Randall Reed’s Prestige Ford serving Garland, Dallas, Rockwall, Mesquite, Richardson, Plano, Grapevine, Grand Prairie and surrounding areas, visit
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Ford Brand Trending Among Millenials

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Technology has forever changed the way people receive and digest information, and has particularly affected how younger generations are shopping for just about everything, from clothes to video game consoles to cars. Ford has conducted extensive surveys of young adults regarding how they make decisions about the cars they buy, and what they’ve found represents a fundamental shift in consumer habits.

The common theme among young car buyers is the departure from their parents’ preferences toward foreign-made vehicles. A majority of Millenials feel that they can trust the quality of American-made products more than that of products made overseas; 45 percent said that they believed American vehicles are the best, 33 percent went with European brands, and 22 percent preferred Asian brands. Nearly half of those surveyed ranked Ford in the top three brands for quality.

A significant percentage of respondents said that online reviews were their number one source of information when choosing what car to buy, using expert reviews and owner testimonials to help guide their decision. The top factors they consider are cost, gas mileage, how well a car handles and its safety features. Technology and connectivity are also obviously major considerations. Ford prides itself on offering vehicles that exceed customer needs and expectations.

Ford boasts two of the top ten best-selling vehicles in the country for May 2015: the Ford Fusion sedan and Ford F-150 pickup. With Millenials fast becoming one of the most powerful consumer groups in the country, it is no wonder that you see so many Fords driving around Dallas and Fort Worth, given that DFW is one of the youngest metropolitan areas in the United States. To find out why so many young adults are choosing Ford, visit Randall Reed’s Prestige Ford in Garland and browse our wide selection of new and pre-owned Ford vehicles.

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Mustang vs. Mustang

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In a new video released by Ford Performance, two Mustangs separated by over four decades are pitted against each other in a spirited track test. Tyler Hinker, a lifelong Mustang fanatic, drives a 1970 Boss 302 Mustang and a 2015 Mustang with EcoBoost to see what forty-five years of innovation and advancement has in store for new Mustang owners.

The Boss 302 Mustang was one of the most iconic and sought-after Mustang variants to ever hit the streets, and for very good reason. It was designed with the purpose of maintaining Ford’s lead in the pony car segment that was being threatened by the recent release of the Chevrolet Camaro. The Boss Mustang’s designer, Larry Shinoda, was a former GM employee who played a large part in creating the 1963 Corvette Sting Ray. The Boss 302 was powered by a 5.0L V8 engine that delivered 290 horsepower and 290 lb.-ft. of torque.

The 2015 Ford Mustang with EcoBoost is a clear indicator of how far Ford’s design and engineering has come in forty-five years. Its 2.3L EcoBoost engine is only a four-cylinder engine, with less than half the displacement of the Boss 302’s V8. Due in no small part to the twin-scroll turbocharger, the EcoBoost Mustang boasts 310 horsepower and 320 lb.-ft. of torque! The result is an efficient, powerful and nimble fastback pony car that looks great and drives even better.

The Boss 302 is a difficult car to come by these days, for obvious reasons. Only about 7,000 were ever produced, and it can certainly be considered a collector’s item. The EcoBoost Mustang is thrilling to drive, and it brought back the classic fastback look that Mustang fans had been missing in recent models. Tyler Hinkler’s desert track run and his reaction after driving the 2015 Mustang will be all the testimonial you should need to go out and test drive one at Randall Reed’s Prestige Ford in Garland, TX. We’ve got a ton of these attractive and efficient sports cars in stock at Prestige Ford, and we know you’ll be hooked as soon as you rev it up. The 2015 Mustang lineup was the recipient of the Vincentric Best Value for Sports Cars award earlier this year as well, making it a great choice for hitting the track and commuting around Dallas-Fort Worth alike. Visit Prestige Ford today and step inside the heir to a legend.

Watch the video here

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SYNC 3: The Future of Infotainment

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Ford Sync 3

SYNC 3 has a user-friendly interface with brighter graphics, larger fonts and bigger icons.

The moment has finally arrived. Ford announced recently that SYNC 3 will be making its debut in the 2016 Ford Escape and 2016 Ford Fiesta. The SYNC 3 platform has been completely overhauled from the previous MyFord Touch program. It is based on Blackberry’s QNX architecture rather than the Microsoft-based operating system that MyFord Touch used. The result is a system that has addressed every concern raised by Ford drivers about MyFord Touch’s functionality.

SYNC 3 introduces a new level of integration between your Ford vehicle and your smartphone. The voice recognition software is more intuitive and responsive than ever before, and with SYNC AppLink, you can control numerous compatible apps with voice commands. Bluetooth Audio streams music straight from your smartphone and responds to voice commands to select the music you want to listen to. Apple iPhone users will also enjoy the Siri Eyes-Free function, which allows the driver to access Siri by holding down the Push to Talk button on their steering wheel.

The interface has been completely redesigned as well. The capacitive touch screen functions like a smartphone or tablet screen, with greatly improved responsiveness and intuitive gesture control that mirrors those used on a mobile device. Navigating through various functions has been streamlined to minimize the time your eyes are off the road as much as possible. As hectic as traffic in the Dallas-Fort Worth area can get, this is definitely a welcome change.

SYNC 3 also functions as an active safety feature. In the event of a collision, SYNC’s subscription-free 911 Assist feature connects to emergency services even if you are unable to make the call. Your Ford vehicle’s location transmits directly to first responders, as well as the conditions of the crash. SYNC will inform emergency services of the conditions surrounding the accident so that the proper resources are sent to assist you.

SYNC 3 can also download updates via Wi-Fi. No longer will you have to travel to your local Dallas-area Ford dealership to update your infotainment system. Just connect to a Wi-Fi network and download the updates directly to your Ford. SYNC 3 is built from the ground up to provide a seamless and intuitive user experience, and it will make Ford vehicles that much more fun to drive. The 2016 Escape and 2016 Fiesta arrive at dealerships later this year, so be ready to visit Randall Reed’s Prestige Ford in Garland, TX and explore the vast potential of SYNC 3.

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Record Rainfall Is No Joke For Drivers

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The historic, torrential rain that has battered Texas over the last couple of months has caused havoc on our state’s roads and highways. Accident statistics are not immediately available for this time period, but this author’s experience has been such that there is no doubt that the frequency of collisions skyrockets during these storms. Of course, any bad weather generally causes an increase in accidents, but the strength and intensity of these storms are unlike anything we have seen in this state in a long time. Flooded highways and huge swaths of land sitting underwater are a common sight, and the nasty weather shows no signs of slowing as El Niño continues to pound North America.

It is important, then, to refresh ourselves on the dangers of driving in heavy rain and the measures we as drivers can take to minimize the risk of an accident. Many people do not think of rain as presenting the same hazards as snow or ice on the road, but a water-covered road can be almost, if not equally, as dangerous as one that is iced over. When driving in storms like those that have hit in the last couple of months, visibility is drastically reduced, especially at high speeds. Just a foot of water can float a vehicle, while as little as a couple of inches of water can cause a loss of control, again especially at high speeds. Hydroplaning is very dangerous, and again speaking from personal experience, it can happen with no warning whatsoever.

In light of the flooding that has plagued the Dallas-Fort Worth area, it is important for drivers to know how to stay safe in intense rainstorms. Increased awareness and conservative driving can go a long way to reducing your chances of a collision. When driving around Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington, and surrounding areas that have been flooded, take the advice of the National Weather Service and “Turn Around, Don’t Drown.” Ford has released a helpful video that sums up a number of great tips and guidelines for driving in heavy rain. Speaking once more from experience, this author’s new 2015 Ford Focus was bought as a result of an accident in heavy rain. If your vehicle gets damaged as a result of this monumental rainy season, visit Randall Reed’s Prestige Ford in Garland to shop for a new Ford car or truck!

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Prestige Ford Celebrating President’s Award, Again!

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Ford Presidents AwardJune 11th is a big day for Randall Reed’s Prestige Ford and our team in Garland, Texas.  Executives from Ford Motor Company will soon arrive to award our hard-working staff with yet another President’s Award!  This amazing honor recognizes our dealership’s customer satisfaction rating, superior performance and the leadership at Prestige Ford (serving Dallas, Mesquite, Rockwall, Richardson, Plano, Grand Prairie, Grapevine).
The President’s Award is only presented to top-preforming Ford dealerships that exhibit quality business practices and Ford’s core principles.  Dealerships from accord the nation compete to achieve this award, but only 10% of all dealerships actually achieved the 2014 President’s Award.
“We not only want to applaud our wonderful team for all of their hard work; we want to thank our customers and community,” said Justin Wright, General Manager/Operating Partner of Prestige Ford. “Our no. 1 goal is 100 percent customer satisfactions. This award further shows how much we really care, and how hard we work each day to ensure our customers are taken care just as they should be.”
The Prestige Ford team invites you to come and experience the Randall Reed, award-winning difference for yourself. Take the short drive down 635 to 3601 S. Shiloh Road off of Garland Road for New Fords, Pre-Owned Fords, Used Vehicles, Ford Service, Ford Parts, Aftermarket Accessories, and Collision Repair. Shop online anytime at
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2015 Focus Electric: Budget-Conscious and Eco-Friendly

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In 2014, Ford was recognized by Interbrand as the number one green brand, not only in the United States but across the globe. Through their global green initiative, which is focused on reducing water consumption and creating more eco-conscious manufacturing processes, Ford has made great strides in reducing the environmental impact of its facilities worldwide.

Ford’s efforts to go green are not limited to its factories. Many Ford vehicles, including the 2015 Focus Electric, make extensive use of recycled materials in their construction. The Focus Electric’s standard cloth seats feature fabric made entirely from recycled materials, and the seat cushions are made of foam derived from soy bean oil. Many plastic components in the Focus Electric are made using post-consumer materials such as recycled water bottles.

The Focus Electric boasts an impressive combined 105 MPGe, generated by a 107-kilowatt electric motor mated to a single-speed transmission. This all-electric drivetrain supplies a surprising amount of power for an EV, and as soon as you take the wheel you’ll feel the Focus Electric’s responsiveness and sporty acceleration. In fact, the driving experience is remarkably similar to that of its gas-powered cousin, and visually the two are nearly indistinguishable. The Focus Electric offers all the benefits of an electric vehicle while maintaining the striking visual profile of a regular Focus hatchback.

The Focus Electric is designed to give feedback to the driver through its SmartGauge display. The Brake Coach shows how effectively your driving habits make use of the Regenerative Braking system, which delivers energy that would normally be lost back to your Ford’s battery. The EcoGuide function displays blue butterflies that increase in number in relation to how efficiently you are driving; they also indicate whether your Focus Electric has enough range to reach a charge station flagged in your navigation system.

With the MyFord Mobile App, you are constantly in touch with your Focus Electric. Monitor charging status while you’re away from your vehicle, find charging stations nearby and plot the most efficient route to reach them, and even schedule charging for when utility prices are lowest outside of peak hours. The connectivity of the Ford Focus Electric gives you the ability to make the most of your vehicle’s efficiency. Starting at under $30,000 MSRP, the Focus Electric is one of the most affordable full-size electric vehicles on the market. It is without a doubt the perfect EV for the budget-conscious commuter. For more information about how you can get behind the wheel of a Focus Electric, visit Randall Reed’s Prestige Ford in Garland, TX!

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Ford C-MAX Lands in KBB’s Top Green Cars

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Each year, Kelley Blue Book calculates the top-rated hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and full electric vehicles on the market based on efficiency, overall value, and owner ratings. The 2015 Ford C-MAX is Ford’s sole hybrid-only model, and this year it placed ninth out of the top ten green cars of 2015. Its nimble and energetic driving experience, strong design, and outstanding fuel economy make it a clear winner among the ever-widening selection of hybrid vehicles in today’s automotive market.

The Ford C-MAX uses a 2.0L Atkinson-cycle engine that registers 188 horsepower, a figure that tops all other vehicles in its class. The power-split architecture of the drivetrain ensures that the vehicle is constantly at peak efficiency, whether the engine and electric drive system are working together or independently. The C-MAX Hybrid achieves an EPA-estimated 40 combined MPG, and the plug-in hybrid C-MAX Energi model delivers an estimated 88 combined MPGe in full-electric mode and 38 combined MPG in hybrid mode. Both feature a SmartGauge with EcoGuide information display that gives the driver feedback on their driving habits and fosters more efficient driving.

The C-MAX provides a winning combination of efficiency and comfort with a five-seat cabin that features class-leading passenger volume as well as integrated storage compartments in the rear row floor. The folding rear seats can provide even greater storage when necessary. The C-MAX also features Ford’s available hands-free foot-activated liftgate, making it easy to access the cargo area even with your hands full.

Kelley Blue Book shows an 8 out of 10 customer satisfaction score for the Ford C-MAX, and between its spacious interior and stellar fuel economy it is easy to see why. Dallas, Richardson, and Plano drivers who are interested in saving money, helping the environment, and driving a fun, comfortable hybrid with space and power to spare should check out our selection at Randall Reed’s Prestige Ford in Garland, TX. We can’t wait to help you find your next dream car!

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